Friday, July 16, 2010

A Zoo Without Bars

(Lisa) We left the camper after a breakfast burrito meal about 9:30. Headed toward the Canyon area. Surprisingly we did not have to wait but a couple of minutes at the construction zone on the way to Norris. It was another gorgeous day, brilliant blue skies and temps in the 60’s-will be in the 70’s in the afternoon. If I haven’t mentioned it before, the SIRIUS radio that I gave Paul for Christmas for his truck is awesome. We have listened to all kinds of music consistently since KY, no commercials, no losing a signal. We have especially enjoyed listening to jazz as we toddle through the park. It really has been wonderful

Anyways, we drove all over the Canyon area after stopping in the visitors center and wandered through the store. Then….WOW….the upper and lower falls were beautiful. We did a major hike down to stand in a viewing spot for the lower falls and huff and puffed our way back up. But it was worth it b/c every single view was amazing. Artist Point was breathtaking. We had a picnic there sitting on our ice chest!

After the Canyon, we drove through Hayden Valley and saw lots of buffalo. We stopped at Mud Volcano which had some really fun bubbly pots and pools. But one of the coolest things was a buffalo just wandered up the trail right at us. He stopped and ate some grass. He totally ignored us! We enjoyed the drive by Yellowstone Lake and stopped to soak in the view. Then we headed to West Thumb where the geysers and hot springs were right next to the lake. In West Thumb an elk was just walking around. It was a big day for animal sightings. We stopped at Grant Village at the visitor center where we watched a film about the 1988 fires.

Thanks to Cathleen’s advice, we brought our dinner food with us and had a picnic on the Continental Divide. We grilled hamburgers but it was a tiny bit eery b/c we were the only people in the picnic area. Nevertheless, it was delicious! We had just left the picnic area and got about a mile down the road when there was a giant bear jam. We jumped out and spent at least 10 minutes watching a big ole brown bear just eat and eat in a meadow. It was too awesome! I’m telling you what, it was like we were in a zoo today without the bars!

So now it’s like 8:00 and we decided to stop again at Old Faithful where we saw the eruption at 8:45-the lighting was amazing! Took some great photos and enjoyed the front row seat. So, it was a full day-we got back to the camper about 9:45. Whew-we’re tired but really enjoyed everything we did. About to take a shower and go to bed. Will post this in the morning and (hopefully) get some pics uploaded. For some reason the slow connection is not letting us do that.

(Paul) WOW whata great day. The Brink of Upper Falls was an insane view. Discovered my iPhone has video so been getting some great moving pic’s along with the stills. Fantastic close ups today of open range buffalo and a black bear that was truly enjoying being a bear. We closed down the park today… it was a great day.

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