Monday, July 19, 2010

In Search of the E-moose-ive One

(Paul) Awoke today around 7:30am and headed for Signal Mountain Summit. It was a great photo op of the Tetons with the morning sun at our back. Didn’t see a moose.

Then we headed to Jenny Lake with the intention of taking the ferry across the lake and the hiking Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. I was not alone in that plan as there wasn’t a parking space to be had so we headed down to Jackson Hole, did some shopping and ate Billy Burgers at the Cadillac CafĂ©. From there we headed to the String Lake Loop Trail. It was the best hike I’ve ever been on. The first couple of miles we followed the lakeshore and the mountains as a backdrop. The last half of the hike was through meadows and old growth forests. Stumbled upon a giant granite boulder where Lisa and I parked our keesters for a while in hopes of spotting a moose. Didn’t see a moose.

From there we headed to an unnamed road that paralleled the Oxbow Bend in hopes of spotting a moose. Saw some fly-fishermen. Didn’t see a moose.

Headed back to camp, made plans for tomorrow, grilled up some barbeque sausage links, dirty rice and green beans. We were thinking about renting ATV’s but that’s lost it’s appeal. Maybe we’ll rent a boat and cruise Lake Jackson tomorrow…

P.S. – I gotta tell ya I have the cutest wife ever! We decided to off-road at dusk in hopes of a moose sighting. A ways into the bouncy ride Lisa said, “Paul stop! There’s a deer with big, big ears.” I told her, “That’s a buck and those are antlers.” On our way back we saw a doe and it had what appeared to be big, big ears.

(Lisa) I know that this must be getting redundant but it was another spectacular day in Wyoming. Even though the moose eluded us again, we did see a beaver on the hiking trail. Pretty cool. Oh, and we did see buffalo yesterday, I forgot to mention that. Jackson Hole was a very touristy town-it reminded me of Breckenridge, Colorado. I bought a bear bead for my Pandora bracelet the hens gave me at the wedding. All the t-shirts said “Jackson Hole” and we wanted “Grand Tetons” shirts so we passed on all that.

By the time we got back to the camper I felt so gross and dusty I had to go ahead and take my shower. Yes, we have a shower in the camper and we usually clean off before bedtime but sometimes a girl needs to shower NOW! Ahhh, felt much better.  We hiked about 3.5 miles today and my flat feet did great. That was a good length for me.


  1. Pictures are unbelieveable and loving your posts, have fun martels. T Fike

  2. I just adore reading these posts!! Your pictures are spectacular!