Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It Was a Blustery Day, Pooh Bear!

(Lisa) We decided that we were not going to get up early and rush around trying to get to the park. So we slept in till about 8:00. I made some mean sausage, eggs and toast which we gobbled down. We figured out this internet thing here, got the picnic stuff ready, got the food from the ice chest in to the now cool refrigerator, packed up the backpacks and headed out. We left the campground about 10:40. We saw a car jam and everyone was looking at a bald eagle up on top of a tree so we jumped out for a few pics. We went to the Old Faithful area, found a parking space and got to Old Faithful just as it was about to erupt! So cool! There are trillions of people here. It was a beautiful blue sky but OH MY GOSH it was insanely windy-like 30-40 mph gusts. I wore shorts today and it was the right choice!

We walked the boardwalk all around and saw so many cool things. I think my favorites were Grotto Geyser and the Morning Glory Pool. I also like Chromatic Pool and Bee Hive Geyser. After walking for about 2 and a half hours, we walked to the car to make a sandwich-it was about 2:30. I had a mustard explosion all over my new Life is Good shirt b/c when you change altitudes, pressure builds up in bottles and SPLAT…everywhere. UGH. After a wildy windy lunch on the back of Paul’s pick up, we walked to the Yellowstone Lodge and sat on the 2nd floor balcony and watched Old Faithful erupt again! Very cool, we then got some ice cream and returned to balcony to chill for a bit. We then zipped into the visitors center for some information! As we were leaving the park, a giant buffalo was eating some grass… we took his picture!

Drove to Firehole Lake and saw some more geysers. Then walked the Paint Pots/Mud Pots area and loved that! Very fun! Then we drove the Firehole Canyon loop and WOW….it was gorgeous with a rushing stream/river down a canyon with amazing waterfalls. Absolutely amazing. On the way back to W. Yellowstone Paul spotted what he thinks is a moose in the river….but we couldn’t stop and it was far away. Got some gas for $3.04 a gallon and drove back to camper. Chili for dinner…yum. We walked to the camp store and bought some homemade fresh peanut butter/chocolate fudge. Gonna shower and go to bed early so we can get an early start tomorrow.

(Paul) Dagnabbit… I know I saw a moose. It was about 600 yards away with the sun behind it as it was walking across the Madison River making its way to the roadside riverbank. We tried to get further up the road for a closer shot but there wasn’t a clearing. Now we’ve missed a photo op for a grizzly and a moose… but I did get a nice shot of a bald eagle. The scenery here is unbelievable. Fire Loop Canyon provided some amazing views. Hopefully we can get some of our pic’s to post tonight. Very weak internet WiFi here… difficulty checking work email. Can’t tell you how much that destroys me. ;)

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