Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tiny Hurting Pieces

(Paul) The plan today was to do Mammoth Springs, hike the Beaver Ponds Trail and 4-wheel the Blacktail Plateau. After taking 2.25 hours to arrive at our destination (serious construction work between Madison and Norris) we decided to eat lunch (on the back of the truck again) and then do the hike. That way we could get back in a couple of hours and enjoy the stroll through Mammoth Springs. Well, about a half mile into the hike (and a 1500 foot elevation change… puff, puff) I/we lost the trail. Not sure how it happened… one minute it’s there… the next it’s POOF gone! So I meandered around awhile trying to find it again. I went this way and Lisa went that way (after a nice sit). I told her I’d found the trail… actually found some people that were on the trail. Lisa decided to continue her search in her area. After a few reminders that I’d found the trail she decided to join me. At this stage I could read her mind… “this isn’t very much fun”. So I told her I sprang my ankle, had another stroke and that maybe we should just head back to the truck. She basically responds with, “horse hockey, let’s keep going, we’re almost to the top”. Oooooo-Kayyyyyy! About 45 minutes later we made it to the top (I won’t detail the range of ages that passed us during this time). It was about then that I heard her say, “this isn’t very much fun”. Hmmm, where have I heard that before? Things got better though. We walked through fields of vibrant wildflowers, the sky was a paralyzing blue and the hike finally started going downhill (really, the slope… not the mood). It was at about mile 4 (or so) that I was reminded of one of my wife’s finer qualities. She’s as flat-footed as Daisy Duck. But we made it back. A nice Park Ranger with a similar condition highly recommended we pick up a pair of those cushion insoles. So we did. At the local Super Market (the place had 4 isles… very impressive). That’s right! The super market. Never made it to Mammoth Springs or Blacktail Plateau but there’s always tomorrow.

PS – Sorry about the Wifi quality here and our inability to post pic’s. We will try again when we get to our next destination in Grand Teton. Otherwise, for our devoted followers, we will post some pictures when we arrive at a Marriott on our way home. God Bless.

(Lisa) Happy Birthday to my sister, Barbara. She is old. My feet feel like they did after the wedding –like someone has taken an axe to them and cut them into tiny hurting pieces. My flat feet prevent me from hiking more than about 4 miles. So, I overdid it today but will soak them tonight and then try again tomorrow. We did drive about 2 hours to get back from this area today b/c of road construction and a car accident (not us) and elk. OH YEA….we saw a bear again today on the side of the road….finally got some pictures this time. Maybe we can get them posted? AND…we had a great dinner of steak, potatoes and salad. Another great day of vacation:)

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  1. Can't agrue the "old" part. Ha!! And yeah, sometimes you have to wing it cause ya never know what can mess up your plans. Glad you had a nice "adventure" on your hike though! But Lisa, you really should of taken your walker. Bwahahahaha!!!
    Tonight and tomorrow night I will be at the Cotton Bowl as a crowd extra for "Friday Night Lights" TV show!! I am so excited but it is very hot here...100 plus heat index of 105-110. AGH!!! Send some of that cool air my way, would ya?!!
    You guys have fun!!!