Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 2 of 16, Corn, corn and more corn

July 11, 2010

(Lisa) We left Brent, Renee and Erin’s house, better known as the Comfort Inn, around 7:00 a.m. We wrestled our way through the maze of downtown Kansas City, it was tricky and we’re just glad there was no traffic! We headed up I 29 with off and on rain storms. It was a really pretty drive with interesting terrain. We zipped across to Nebraska and traveled I 80 surrounded by corn fields. Got some McD’s sweet tea and stopped for a picnic at a rest stop near Grand Island again encased with corn fields.

Back on the road to travel aaallllllll the waaaaayyyyyy across Nebraska. Let me describe what we saw….corn and then some corn and then more corn. We did stop for gas and YIKES it was $2.99 a gallon…what??? Nebraska must like to overcharge for gas b/c we paid $2.99 again later down the road. However one great thing about Nebraska’s roads is that the speed limit is 75 mph on the highway. We stopped at the original Cabellas and to be honest, we were disappointed, just bought some tshirts.

Headed to Wyoming and it is truly a beautiful state. We saw a hillside of those giant wind turbines (see pic). We drove to the USA’s smallest town on Buford. (see pic) Then, believe it or not, we stopped at a real pyramid. We traveled down a dirt road to see it and it made us happy!(see pic) It is a monument to 2 brothers…..interesting and yet very odd. Made it into Laramie about 7:10 mountain time-we drove 13 hours today. We checked in and headed to a Mexican restaurant called Corona Village and it was very good. We just got back to the hotel room about 8:45 and we are exhausted. I can’t get the internet to connect so we might try again to add this in the morning.

Tomorrow…on to Yellowstone!

(Paul) Numbness has spread to my legs. Can’t feel my feet. Call a medic.

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